Our achievements

Since 1999 – In charge of the exercise physiology division for Philadelphia Flyers, a National Hockey League team.

Elaborate the complete physical evaluation program for the players, including ultra precise tests for endurance, pulmonary functions and warm-down capacity as well as for the effectiveness of their techniques. The program has been developed thanks to a portable technology for monitoring the players on ice, which allows to accurately determine the physical condition of players in their natural environment.

2001 - 2002 – ‘Operation Counterweight’, a multifactorial program developed for the pharmaceutical giant Hoffman LaRoche with the aim of acquiring an insight into the process leading to the loss of weight and assuring its maintenance.

2003 – Opening of Québec Province’s first private Exercise Physiology Clinic Centre complete with an exercise physiology laboratory, a rehabilitation room, pain management program and customized training.

2003 - 2004 Participated in the Edge of Excellence program for young promising hockey players in Kelowna, British Columbia, where Whittom & Associés carried out the physical evaluation of the players.

- 2005 – Formulated a research protocol for Calgary-based Thermablade that developed a new skate blade, which demanded the least energy expenditure on the part of the skater. Whittom & Associés evaluated the effectiveness of the new product by carrying out tests on ice.
Since 2003 – Develop a work attendance management program for La Capitale General Insurance Inc., a major group insurance company in Quebec Province.

Since 2003 –
 Monitoring of the sports and training psychology for golfer Dave Lévesque of the Canadian PGA circuit.

Since 2003 Evaluation of the physical condition of Québec Remparts, of the Québec Major Junior Hockey League. 
Since 2004 – Research work in collaboration with Hôpital Laval on the impact of a medication on the functional skill of patients suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases).

Since 2004 – Develop and implement a health and physical activity promotion program for La Capitale General Insurance Inc. and intended for their corporate clients.

– Set up an online training website to achieve an international outreach for Whittom & Associés’s know-how and services in health and productivity management, prevention, health promotion and performance management.

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